Birzeit University Ready to Provide Scholarships for Gazan Students

As part of Birzeit University’s policy of attracting students from various Palestinian districts, and with the start of registration for the coming academic year, the university announced its intention to provide ten scholarships for ten Gazan students.

The university aspires to accept Gazan students despite occupation policies that prevent their entry into the West Bank. It says it will continue working to facilitate the enrollment of students from all over Palestine, as education is a human right, while the university remains a renowned seat of learning for the whole Palestinian community.

Vice President for Advancement Ghassan Khatib said, "Israeli occupation measures turned the enrollment of any Gazan student in Birzeit University into a supernatural event. This requires the intervention of the international community to force the occupation state to comply with international laws that stipulate freedom of movement and freedom of education as fundamental human rights."

It is worth mentioning that Birzeit University used to admit more than 300 Gazan students annually, but due to the many Israeli military checkpoints between West Bank and Gaza Strip hindering the Gazans from entering the West Bank, Gazan students became unable to study at the university.

Birzeit University has also recently provided scholarships for Palestinian citizens of Israel, seeking to encourage them to study at the university and thus maintain a student body from all parts of Palestine.