Birzeit University Professors Present Ramallah in Ottoman Times at ‘Qalandiya International’

As part of the Qalandiya International Festival organized by a number of national institutions, and held at Mahmoud Darwish Museum, Birzeit University researchers Samih Hammoudeh and Salim Tamari spoke at a symposium on the history of Ramallah in Ottoman times organized by Ramallah Municipality, in partnership with the institute for Palestine Studies.

Tamari spoke about Ottoman studies in Palestine and the importance of Ottoman history reflected in Islamic court records and church records, as well as records of the Ottoman government. Tamari related about the studies he had conducted on the evolution of the cities of Jerusalem, Beersheba, and Jaffa in the late Ottoman era.

Hammoudeh spoke about his book, “Ottoman Ramallah,” soon to be published by the Institute for Palestine Studies. Hammoudeh addressed several aspects of Ramallah history and its population in the Ottoman Empire, noting the co-existence present between Muslims and Christians in Ramallah during the sixteenth and mid-seventeenth century,