Birzeit University, Mahmoud Abbas Foundation Explore Possibilities for Cooperation

The Executive Director of the Mahmoud Abbas Foundation, Jamal Hadad, commended Birzeit University’s efforts in providing a state-of-the-art computer center for schools in Palestinian refugee camps, during a visit to the university campus on October 11. Hadad also explored the potential for cooperation between the foundation and BZU with the President of the University, Dr. Abedellatif Abu Hijleh; Assistant to the President, Dr. Abdelaziz Shawabkeh; and Vice President of Administrative and Financial Affairs, Rania Jaber.

Dr. Abu Hijleh praised the efforts and the continued support of the foundation towards refugees in Palestine and Lebanon during the meeting. He added, “Birzeit University does everything in its power to support the education sector in Palestine. We provide students with funds and the required training for them to excel in many important fields and sectors; this is our national duty and part of our responsibility towards the community.”

Hadad also applauded the university’s efforts and noted the importance of its relationship with the foundation. He said, “This relationship will pave the way for many future initiatives that will help and support students in Palestinian refugee camps.”

Speaking of the non-governmental foundation, Hadad said, “Ever since its inception, the Mahmoud Abbas Foundation has strived to empower and motivate the youth in Palestinian refugee camps and support them during their educational journeys.”