Birzeit University Hosts Lecture on Palestinian Embroidery

In cooperation with the Palestinian Heritage Foundation in the United States, Birzeit University sponsored an April 29, 2013 lecture on the history and origins of Palestinian embroidery by researcher Hanan Karaman Munayyer.
Karaman talked about her support for handiwork by Arab communities, especially Palestinians, for the various types of embroidery. She said that the work was difficult, but crowned with success after years of holding large and small exhibitions all over the United States. Karaman presented a colorful slide show about her research, references, historical documents and traditional garb from various Palestinian districts.
Karaman also offered signed copies of her book, "Traditional Palestinian Costume: Origins and Evolution," which is the product of more than 25 years of continuous research.
The Palestinian Heritage Foundation ( began its work in 1987, but was formally founded in 1992, exhibiting its collection of traditional dress from historic Palestine, Syria and other parts of the region.