Birzeit University Honors Martyr Baha’ Alyan with Human Reading Chain

The Students’ Clubs at Birzeit University commemorated Martyr Baha’ Alyan idea and organized a “Human Reading Chain” in the University on Saturday 20, 2016.

The reading chain brought together dozens of students from all faculties who wanted to complete the mission that Alyan started near the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem,  and prove that Palestinian martyrs are not just numbers, but had their own ideas, dreams and goals.

“This activity is to confirm our refusal to the Israeli executions towards Palestinians and their illegal and outrageous measures against humanity”, said the Head of the Arabic Language Club. “ We don’t want to set records with this chain, but to encourage awareness about the importance of reading, culture and knowledge as tool to resist and fight for our rights”.

Alyan’s father, Mohammad Alyan praised the students’ efforts to commemorate Baha’s idea. “Our youth have chosen their path to liberation- Education. They are defending now the Palestinian cause each one on his own way.  It is time to fight for our rights and dignity”.

Baha’ was an avid reader, a Scout leader, and a youth support worker. Two years ago, he gathered thousands of people together to create a human chain around the Old City; each person carried a book, all of which were later gathered for a library.