Birzeit University Celebrates Appointment of President Abu Hijleh

Birzeit University's Board of Trustees held an inauguration ceremony September 8, 2015 for newly-appointed president Abdul Latif Abu Hijleh.

Chairman of the board Hanna Nasir discussed the smoothness of the transition of the university’s leadership from one individual to another. He said that Birzeit University is a prestigious institution that takes pride in its traditions and institutional regulations, both of which facilitate the leadership transition without any complications.

The university recognizes that leaders differ in their methods, patterns and perceptions. But the university community views this as a positive quality, as long as the goal remains to maintain the spirit of Birzeit University, he said.

Chairman Nasir conveyed the board's trust in Abu Hijleh, who spent years working for Birzeit University as its vice president for academic affairs. “The board of trustees shall always support the president within framework of the university's regulations and laws,” he said. “Being an ex officio member of the university’s board of trustees, the president attends and contributes to every meeting and offers necessary suggestions to manage this large ship. The board understands that the president has massive responsibilities, therefore supporting him through constant communication among the partners in the academic process is required strategically."

Abu Hijleh affirmed the need to concentrate efforts to advance the university. “As the new president of this university, I shall work hand in hand and in cooperation with its interdependent family, including the board of trustees, administration and students,” he said. “We will work together on updating teaching programs. In the meantime, the academic departments will review their curricula and academic programs to keep pace with global development and quality standards."

"We have prestigious academic programs that were established more than 40 years ago, and we must excel in some of these programs by virtue of the accumulation of expertise and knowledge,” he went on. “We aim to see Birzeit University referenced locally and internationally as a university with outstanding programs. We also aim for Birzeit University to be distinguished in specific programs, like other international universities known to be outstanding in physics, law, engineering, administration or other academic fields.”

Abu Hijleh added that a comprehensive and accurate study should be conducted in order to determine Palestinian society’s needs in the establishment of new programs and faculties. The university is committed to altering its teaching methods so they are based around the student and to become more effective, efficient and fun. “This is mainly because learning can be fun when we, as an educational institution, engage students in an interactive education that takes into account their personal traits, respects their abilities and opens up wide horizons to gain knowledge and develop their skills,” he said.

Abu Hijleh extended his appreciation to the donors who support Birzeit University, affirming that through these donations and humanitarian acts, the university’s research capability will grow and contribute to serving society and humanity.