Birzeit University and Cairo Amman Bank to expand partnership

Assistant General Manager and Palestine Regional Manager at Cairo Amman Bank Joseph Nesnas met on February 16, 2017 Birzeit University President Abdullatif Abuhijleh and discussed areas where the two can cooperate.

The meeting was attended by the Vice President for Financial and Administrative Affairs Rania Jaber, Birzeit University’s Chief Financial Officer Harbi Daraghma, Deputy Regional Manager- Business Group Firas Najjab, Retail Banking Director Sami Qureitem, and Marketing and Services Development Director Thaera Karajah.

President Abuhijleh emphasized on the strategic relationship with the Cairo Amman Bank. “Together we can advance a common purpose to connect ideas and people. We strive to build meaningful, university-wide relationships with business partners that align with Birzeit University’s values and mission of teaching, research and public service.

Nesnas pointed out that Cairo Amman Bank is keen to develop programs for the benefit of higher-education systems in Palestine. The bank supports programs that encourage leadership development for emerging leaders.

According to Nesnas, the bank is planning to launch a new program for leadership at the university, which aims to provide students’ with the needed skills to prepare them to become innovative, creative and distinguished young leaders.

The Bank representatives also suggested launching a “Smart Card”. The card, which is implemented in many Jordanian Universities, transforms all students, administrative Cadre and Faculty ID cards into smart cards that have multiusers including the access to campus facilities such as entrances and libraries, easier online authentication of university accounts, and serve as a prepaid credit card for purchases and cash withdrawal.