Birzeit University 41st Commencement Continues

Birzeit University continues the commencement ceremonies of the 41st cohort of students. University President Abdel Latif Abu Hijleh, members from the Board of Trustees, faculty, staff and the students families celebrated the graduation of the students from the faculties of Arts, Education and Science.Vice President for Academic Affairs Henry Giacman told the graduates that they are now going to a place where the sky is their limit. "This ceremony tells you that you are now prepared to begin a new chapter where you can achieve your life's purpose. Birzeit University will be proud of you because you have learnt how to use your power of knowledge and creativeness to change the world."Giacman reaffirmed the university's mission to support higher education. " Education is definitely a national mission. Higher- Education has given proof of its viability over the centuries and of its ability to change and to induce change and progress in a nation. Our societies are becoming increasingly knowledge-based so that higher learning and research now act as essential components to achieve sustainable development.""All universities and entities from the public and private sector should have a long-term solutions to the challenges that Palestinian universities face. We hope that the higher education is at the forefront of the government's priority."Director of the General Services Department Ghazi Muhsin was honored for his longstanding service and dedication to the community of the university for 38 years.Muhsin spoke about his experience at Birzeit University and expressed his privilege to receive this acknowledgement from the university. "We have a lot invested in Birzeit; Birzeit has a lot invested in us. This university has an empowerment environment that really allows people to blossom. And when that happens, you're forever grateful"A number of students were honored for their academic excellence and distinguished community service. Majd Daghlas, from the Faculty of Business and Economics earned Gabi Baramki Award for Excellence in recognition of her distinguished academic performance and community service, Khawla Kahla from the Faculty of Arts earned the Yousef Nawas Award for her distinguished art work. Student Mariam Barghouthi won Nimeh Faris Award for her excellence in English language and literature.For the best Research proposal related to Dr. Canaan’s published research in the fields of history, medicine, anthropology and archeology, student Nadine Aranki won Tawfiq Cannaan Award for her research proposal on the impact of traditional proverbs on youth.On behalf of the students, science student Hind Abu Arqoub delivered a speech expressing her pride to be a graduate from Birzeit University, where her personality and skills were solidified.The graduates commemorated their colleague Saji Darwish who was shot dead by the Israeli Occupation and Nihal Maloukh.At the end of the ceremony, Abu Hijleh read off the graduates’ names as they were handed their certificates. The graduates then professed their commitment to the graduates’ oath, which was read by Abu Hijleh.