Birzeit Students Organize Computer and Technology Exhibition in Ramallah

A 3-day event last week marked the first computer and technology exhibition in Ramallah organized by the Birzeit University Special Academic Affairs Committee and the Ramallah Chamber of Commerce. The event drew a large crowd to see various computer accessories available from local Palestinian companies.

The Secretary of the Special Academic Affairs Committee, Ala Ibrahim, told BZU News, "The idea behind this exhibition is to demonstrate the importance of computer technology to students and the wider Palestinian population. We want to improve students' understanding of what is possible using this technology. At the same time, the profit made from the exhibition will go towards a university fund to help students with financial difficulties to purchase books and equipment for their studies."

Over 5000 people attended the 3-day exhibition of products from over 20 different companies. Most of the companies are based in Ramallah but Hebron, Nablus and Jerusalem were also represented. Lectures were also held during the 3 days on topics such as Multimedia applications, Computers in Education, the Year 2000 problem, and How to Select Suitable Applications.

Fadi Hammoudeh, from the Ramallah company CD House, told BZU News,"We were extremely pleased with this exhibition. It has helped different companies establish relationships with each other and it was very good to see that all sections of this industry - software, hardware, Internet Service Providers - were represented here."

Mr. Marwan Khawaja, a representive from NTC-ACER, was also pleased with the exhibition. "I was particularly impressed with the level of knowledge and understanding from Birzeit University students. I hope this becomes an annual event and this relationship with the Birzeit University Student Council continues to grow."