Authors Donate Book Proceeds for Research Grant

Authors Farid Muna and Grace Khoury, who co-write the book "The Palestinian Executive: Leadership under Challenging Conditions," announced the allocation of a percentage of their book sales to support scientific research from the Birzeit University Faculty of Business and Economics.

The book authors signed an agreement with Birzeit University Faculty of Business and Economics Dean Mohammed Nasr, stipulating that the authors purchased one thousand copies of the book from its publisher in 2012, for resale at a price of $35 per copy. The expected sales will be donated to MBA and Master’s of Economics students pursuing research or their graduate theses.

The award was named the "Dr. Farid Muna and Dr. Grace Khoury Award to support scientific research." The faculty will announce the winners of the award of $2,000 per student, all who must have participated in a scientific conference or published part of his/her thesis findings in international scientific refereed journals or books.