Architectural Student to Travel to Berlin for Fellowship

Birzeit University's architecture student Nadia Asali got a travel fellowship in Berlin, Germany, to attend the Techische Universitat Berlin's Design Build Summer Program: " Community Spaces with Refugees in Berlin", after participating in the Annual Berkely Undergraduate Prize for Architectural Design Excellence.Under the title " Sheltering those in Need: Architects Confront Homelessness", Asali was ranked 26 among 150 students who submitted their proposals for the Berkely Prize Competition.Asali wrote an article on the role of architects to confront homelessness,  focusing on the Palestinian refugee's case.  "Architects must play a role in the challenge of finding a successful solution that provide human decency for those who live in camps”."Through my article, I sought to reflect the living conditions of Palestinian refugees. It is important to remember that the people living in squalid conditions used to live in proper homes and aim to do so again.""Architects and designers have the ability to think of transformable solutions and include them in the process of making decent camps for refugees”, Asali concluded.The Berkeley Prize, established in 1998, encourages architecture students to go into their communities to learn how the built environment can and does serve social needs.