Alumni and Career Services Office Officially Opened

Opening ceremonies were held for the Birzeit University Alumni and Career Services Office on December 9, 2013. Birzeit University, in cooperation with the German "GIZ", and the ministries of Labor and Education and Higher Education held an event that also included the graduation of participants in a training course on vocational and career counseling in Palestinian universities.

The opening ceremony was attended by Vice President for Administrative Affairs Adel Zagha, Minister of Labor Ahmed Majdalani, Director of Higher Education at the Ministry of Education Jamal Hussein, and "GIZ" program director of education and vocational training Andreas Koenig and employment officers in Palestinian universities.

"Birzeit University has consistently sought to facilitate the transfer of its graduates from the university to the labor market, through numerous programs, including ‘career day’ at various faculties, in addition to launching the Cooperative Education Program that aims to enrich students' experiences by combining theory and practice," Zagha explained in his opening remarks.

He went on to say that, “Birzeit University hopes to shoulder ideas that may assist graduates to establish companies, and the university also hopes that the Alumni and Career Services Office, in cooperation with the Najjad Zeenni Information Technology Center of Excellence at Birzeit University will host creative ideas and businesses in various fields of specialization.”

Minister Majdalani said that the ministries of labor and higher education, with partners "GIZ" and representatives of Palestinian universities, seek to develop a comprehensive and integrated career and vocational counseling plan that serves all target groups.

GIZ’s Koenig expressed his concern at the large number of university graduates when compared to Palestinian labor market needs. He said that this necessitates the development of a plan to rearrange the higher education system, and to focus on technical/vocational education to meet labor market needs.

The Birzeit University Alumni and Career Services Office was founded at the beginning of the academic year 2013/2014 to serve as a liaison between the university community, alumni, labor market and Palestinian society.