New minor program in industrial chemistry to prepare students for roles in chemical manufacturing, food production

Birzeit University has recently received approval from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research to establish a new minor program in industrial chemistry.

The program, one of many currently available for bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D. students, will be offered by the Department of Chemistry in the Faculty of Science. It provides students with in-depth knowledge of chemical processing and engineering, as well as industrial and economic management, and prepares them for roles in pharmaceutical and cosmetic production, food and beverage production and management, and detergent and pesticide manufacture. 

By combining theoretical focus on the chemical make-up of synthetic and organic materials with practical experience in industrial processes and regulatory frameworks, the program offers students the knowledge and hands-on experience necessary to excel in their careers, whether at home or abroad. 

The program is divided into two tracks: theoretical and practical. The former uses traditional teaching methods used in classes and laboratories, and the latter uses varied industrial settings to offer on-site education and training, helping students gain practical experience while studying. 

This program comprises 27 credit hours and is expected to be offered as an independent minor program, as a minor to the chemistry program, or as a minor linked to other related programs.

The industrial chemistry minor program is slated for launch in the first semester of the 2021-2022 academic year.