“Democratisation of Palestinian Politics as a Basis for Rebuilding the National Project”


Muwatin’s 25th Annual Conference

Democratisation of Palestinian Politics as a Basis for Rebuilding the National Project

Muwatin’s 25th Annual conference will tackle questions related to the fate the Palestinian National Project after a quarter of a century to major transformations in the history of Palestinians. These transformations are embodied in supplementing the Oslo Agreement with the Cairo Agreement, the emergence of the Palestinian Authority, and the signing of the Paris Economic Protocol as part of the "Peace Process." The failure of this process is a rare case of consensus among experts, politicians, and ordinary people of all affiliations and backgrounds.

In this sense, there is nothing to discuss about the future of the “Peace Process.” It has no future. However, there is a future for Palestinians, and their national liberation project that should be discussed in terms other than deals that do not tackle the core Palestinian cause: freedom, and all other rights. Thus, there is a need to revisit the path that resulted in the “Peace Process.”

The conference will discuss the reality, future prospects of the Palestinian cause, the perceptions of alternatives for the formulation of the national project. It will seek to identify internal conflicts, and common denominators, and to (re)build the national project based on them.

These issues will be discussed by a variety of international and local experts and academics from various backgrounds and regions, from a wide range of perspectives. The conference will leave room for the dialogue between attendants and conference speakers. The conference also features an exhibition of Muwatin publications.

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4 Oct 20195 Oct 2019
Conference hall (243) at Muwatin Institute located in the Institute of Law Annex Building – Birzeit University
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