Muwatin’s 24th Annual Conference

Invitation to Muwatin’s 24th Annual Conference: “Seven Decades since the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: The History and Future of Human Rights and Palestine

Muwatin’s 24th Annual conference will tackle questions related to the fate of Human Rights after seven decades since the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). The conference aims to reflect on the UDHR’s implications, impact, achievements and failures, and to consider the UDHR’s future and our responsibilities towards it. Although the UDHR formed the cornerstone of a global movement to recognize human rights, protect human dignity; defend freedoms, and safeguarding human lives, it however displayed the shortcomings characteristic of international treaties drafted during the colonial era.

Despite persistent attempts to find ways to protect and promote human rights, at least during the last 3 decades, the limitations of their impact are demonstrated by the lack of progress in fighting poverty, environmental problems, wars, inequalities, and the absence of the protection human dignity and the right to life.  The prevailing neoliberal system signals the decreasing chances of achieving human rights.

The conference will discuss issues related to the concept of human rights, its transformations, its applications, its role and its place in the context of the Palestinian liberation and its future. These issues will be discussed by a variety of international and local experts and academics from various backgrounds and regions, from a wide range of perspectives. The conference will leave room for the dialogue between attendants and conference speakers. The conference also features some accompanying activities including a photo exhibition about environmental pollution, an Information Kiosk for the Right to Enter movement, and a book exhibition for Muwatin publications.

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5 Oct 20186 Oct 2018
conference hall (243) at Muwatin Institute located in the Institute of Law Annex Building – Birzeit University
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