Project Management

The university seeks to enhance its project management through a holistic system of information and monitoring, built on the qualities of transparency and efficacy. The system will guarantee the continuity of the university’s projects and their positive impact on the university and community.

In order to establish this system, the university issued the Project Management Unit, according to the University Council’s decision issued on 6 December 2017, and based on the Instructions of the Funded-Projects Management. The unit temporarily falls under the supervision of the Office of the Vice President for Community Affairs.

The unit supervises the stages of the development of  and implementation of projects, starting from the submission of  the project’s proposal and ending with its completion . It offers the support and guidance needed throughout the project’s phases. The unit is also responsible for supporting the implementation of the instructions and regulations issued through internal coordination.

  • Reviewing the project’s funding proposal submitted with the name of the university;
  • Reviewing the suggested budget items in terms of its alignment with the university’s regulations and policies;
  • Coordinating the efforts between the university’s units for better funding opportunities; 
  • Reviewing the MoUs, service contracts, and financing agreements, whether they are within the university or with external parties; and
  • Following up on financial allocations for the individual’s funded projects, and setting up implementation mechanisms within the university’s incentives instructions and consultancy contracts conditions.