Project Management

Birzeit University strives to develop and advance its project management procedures through a comprehensive system of monitoring, ensuring that its projects and contracts are designed with sustainability, transparency, and efficacy in mind.

To that end, the university has established a set of guidelines that govern the tasks related to the governance, development, monitoring, and coordination of funded projects. The guidelines document, titled “Instructions for Funded Project Management,” is available in Arabic. It regulates the process of implementing and developing each project, starting with the submission of the project’s proposal and ending with its completion. The document also covers the implementation of the university’s rules and regulations with regards to the funded project development process.

  • Reviewing the project’s funding proposal submitted with the name of the university;
  • Reviewing the suggested budget items in terms of its alignment with the university’s regulations and policies;
  • Coordinating the efforts between the university’s units for better funding opportunities; 
  • Reviewing the MoUs, service contracts, and financing agreements, whether they are within the university or with external parties; and
  • Following up on financial allocations for the individual’s funded projects, and setting up implementation mechanisms within the university’s incentives instructions and consultancy contracts conditions.

A specialized team works on overseeing the lifecycle of the funded projects. This team includes representatives from the Office of Grants and Contracts, the Finance Department and the Human Resources Department. All members coordinate with the project managers who work at the university’s different faculties, institutes and centers.