Unit for Learning Innovation (ULI)

Recognizing the rapidly increasing demands in educational outcomes, and the more-than-ever reliance of the future of people and societies on the quality of their education – and considering that the local educational systems are lagging behind, CCE has established a Unit for learning Innovation that has been researching and developing transformative educational models, both formal and non-formal specific to the local context. 

Our research has been focusing on the following areas:

  • Developing models for basic education that work with the existing educational systems providing learning resources and educational strategies that empower teachers implement key strategies set by the Ministry such as active learning and integration of skills – without requiring additional resources or time from teachers or schools.
  • Working with local and international partners on the development of life-skills and citizenship education frameworks, developing models for integrating them into multiple educational pathways, and designing metrics for assessing life skills acquisition by the learners. 
  • Researching and developing means for effectively utilizing the various technological tools (like mobile devices, applications, social media, etc.) into education – bringing education closer to young learners and their connected culture; bridging the technology gap between teachers and students; and lowering the barriers to adoption of technological tools by recycling technological devices, or utilizing low-cost technologies for learning.
  • Mainstreaming gender into education:  addressing gender biases and cultural norms amongst both sexes: students and educators; and empowering girls who outperform boys at all levels of education – to be prepared to take a more active leadership role in society.
  • Developing educational models that use project-based learning, learning through mentorship, tinkering, learning in nature; and other stimulating non-traditional modes of learning to produce high-level learning outcomes that would prepare learners for future work, social and environmental challenges and opportunities.