Enterprising & Entrepreneurship

  • Entrepreneurship: CCE offers programs and services that assist Palestinian entrepreneurs to establish and operate successful small businesses.  We help individuals identify new business opportunities and once established, help those same businesses reach their vision of success and maintain an enthusiasm and drive. 
  • Business planning is a differentiating feature of services provided by CCE team to the local and regional private sector. We develop business plans for micro enterprises to be established by individual entrepreneurs who seek micro loans and as well we develop business plans for considerable investments exceeding millions in any currency. Our business plans are well-recognized by local and regional venture capitals for reliability, comprehensiveness, and creativity. 
  • We don't just "write a business plan." We question assumptions, perform independent research on the market and competition, and explore and propose alternative ways to market clients’ products or services. We help clients refine their business models, design products, identify most profitable customers, fine-tune marketing plan, and lay out the production process. We stay with clients in negotiations with potential supplies of equipment and machinery and support in presentations to potential investors and bankers.
  • On the basis of the best international methodologies in entrepreneurship development, we have designed training programs and consulting services that are well-tuned to the Palestinian context. A number of Professional Diploma Programs are offered on on-going basis to potential start-ups and owners of private enterprises; among them are Entrepreneurship Diploma, Marketing Diploma, and SME Management Diploma programs, each of 340 hours duration. Delivery approach relies on a unique combination of in-class sessions, E-learning, and internship at existing successful companies with intensive mentoring from the “market gurus”.
  • CCE interventions also address the problem of vulnerability of existing small and medium-sized enterprises, through providing them with Crisis Management services. Our approach entails the following steps: (i) Diagnosis of the current business performance based on face-to-face interviews with the owners and key personnel, in addition to observation of the production and warehousing processes; (ii) Analysis of the data collected and development of recommendations for improving the enterprise’s performance in key business fields; (iii) Continuing assistance to the enterprises in integrating the recommendations developed in the previous stage   
  • In the local small and closed market, one of the key challenges facing the private sector is how to find new clients and new markets. Hence, CCE provides medium-sized enterprises with a comprehensive package of business support services in marketing. New marketing strategies and plans developed by CCE team based on a comprehensive market survey shall guide local enterprises towards opening new markets, increasing loyalty of existing clients, introducing new products, and enhancing competitiveness through improving quality of products, packaging, customer relations, etc.  The marketing component of business operations has been selected for our focus for its great potential to expand the enterprises thus leading to inducing internal demand for creation of new job places.  
  • Future of work: helping professionals adapt to changing job requirements and re-skilling