Community Development and Poverty Reduction

  • We assist communities in planning for and managing developmental resources. Our implementation approaches and methodologies support participatory decision making, local capacity building, community control of resources, and empowerment of marginalized groups such as women, youth, poor, and disabled people.
  • Key pillars of our community-development approach are community empowerment, local government empowerment, accountability and transparency and learning by doing. With these pillars in place, CCE community interventions create sustainable and wide-ranging impacts by mobilizing communities and giving them tools to become agents of their own development.
  • CCE has extensive experience in building the capacity of local government units that lead the community development and be pro-active in fundraising for their communities’ developmental needs.  Our interventions aim at ensuring that local government is both strengthened and accountable, effective and efficient in-service delivery, and build the social capital.
  • Interfacing the University with the Community:  As an outreach arm of the University into the community, with extensive experience and networks with the local community, CCE acts as an interface linking students with community projects, be it community-based projects or business projects and start-ups