Impact of Capacity Building in the field of Higher Education (CBHE)

Birzeit University has been a top leading higher education institution in supporting the modernization and development of sustainable socio-economic growth in the Palestinian society, through providing qualified graduates to the labor market.

The Erasmus+ “Capacity Building in the field of Higher Education” (CBHE) program, is one of the programs that is carried out by the university to achieve this commitment.

The program aims to improve the quality of higher education and the educational system in Palestine, by relating curriculum to the educational system to serve the Palestinian labor-market. Through this program, the university has been able to establish and develop new master’s programs and research units in cooperation with European, Arab and Palestinian universities.

It has also helped in developing new courses that keep up with the technological advancements, such as using scientific laboratories for distance learning, in addition to methods, that students, academics and the community can benefit from. The projects, implemented under the umbrella of CBHE, have also contributed in building the capacity of higher education institutions, and enhancing the opportunity for university students and staff members to participate in knowledge and professional exchange and promoting the university’s reputation.

These projects include exchanging expertise between Birzeit University and other partner universities in academic or non-academic arenas; highlighting the university’s academic role; and establishing new connections with partners to fit the university’s vision and mission.

The CBHE helps the university to achieve its strategic goal that revolves around contributing actively in knowledge production and development locally and internationally, and opening up to worldwide experiences to attain knowledge that is inclusive and de-centralized.