Civic Engagement, Social Responsibility, and Career Development

For offering valuable and providing insightful and meaningful knowledge and skills to its students and staff, the Faculty partners with the Palestinian society; the civil society, public sector and private sector institutions.

Students are encouraged to be active and positive in their interactions with any relevant stakeholder. The Faculty offers a number of programs such as the Executive MBA master’s program, COOP education program and a training and employment unit

The Employment and Training unit was established in 1998 as a voluntary initiative by the members of the academic staff in the Faculty of Business and Economics. Its goal is to assist students with identifying training opportunities/internships during their study period and enhances the student’s employability chances after graduation. The faculty works toward strengthening the relationship between the university and the job market through the cooperation with several local and regional institutions in order to provide students with the opportunities to apply the skills they acquired from university and enable them to bridge the gap between theory and practice.

The Unit’s Activities:

  • Conducting specialized lectures and workshops for qualifying students.
  •  Providing training opportunities for students in coordination with several local and regional institutions and companies.
  • Coordinating and networking with local and regional institutions and companies to provide job opportunities for as many gradates as possible.
  • Conducting career focused workshops to enhance graduates’ employability skills (applying for jobs, conducting job interviews and preparing CVs).
  • Organizing the faculty’s annual career day; in which local and regional companies are invited to participate in setting up booths to meet current students .
  • Providing the opportunity for local and regional institutions and companies during the academic year to conduct workshops and meetings with the faculty’s students and graduates.

The training opportunities are as follows:

  • “Osoul”  Program. ( sponsored by the Arab Bank)
  • “Ana  Jawal”  Program.
  • Amwaj Farah Program I.
  • Amwaj Farah Program II.
  •  “Sbetani Shabab”  Program.
  • Project Management Cycle Program.
  • The practical training in practical entrepreneurship program.
  • Dubai Summer Surprises.
  • Youth Leadership Program (PYLP)
  • A training program in the in the Arab world.

The Cooperative Education Program was established in 2012-2013. The Faculty of Business and Economics aims to bridge the gap over a longer period of time focusing on students that have completed their second year or at least 60 credit hours, and are in good academic standing, by placing qualified students in partnering companies for extended periods of time.  The program allows the student to be a full time employee for an entire semester, allowing him/her to focus on the work environment, while earning credit hours in the process. 

A great way to summarize this is as follows:

  • Three semesters of full time placement in a partner company
  • Six credit hours earned
  • Earn a full time salary during the placement semesters
  • Obtain valid work experience in related fields (10 months to one year)

The Benefits of the Cooperative Education Program for Students:

  • Providing the student with a comprehensive overview of the specialization topics.  
  •  Introducing students to the basics of the work environment such as drafting letters, conducting interviews, preparing CV’s, learning employment laws and  discovering  the needs of the market place.
  • Acquiring practical experience where students can get a clearer understanding of the nature of work and eventually bridge the gap between classroom theory and practice.
  • Receiving a source of income and building strong relationships with professionals in the field.
  • Enhancing students’ self -confidence and employability opportunities.