The Faculty of Business and Economics was established in 1978. The faculty strives towards the continuous development of its academic programs and the offering of new specializations. Along with providing distinctive services to its students and employers, the faculty adopts interactive teaching methods which focus on encouraging and fostering creative and innovative skills that meet the needs of the business community and the Palestinian society at large. 

The Faculty of Business and Economics is comprised of four departments, with six majors, and two graduate level programs.  Those programs are as follows:

  1. Department of Economics
    • Undergraduate Degree(s) in: Economics, Business Economics
  1. Department of Business Administration and Marketing
    • Undergraduate Degree(s) in: Business Administration, Marketing
  1. Department of Accounting
    • Undergraduate Degree(s) in: Accounting
  1. Department of Finance and Banking
    • Undergraduate Degree(s) in: Finance and Banking
  • Graduate Degree in: Business Administration (MBA)
  • Graduate Degree in: Economics (MA Economics)