About the Grant

The Birzeit University President’s Grant for Palestinians in the Diaspora is a partial grant that provides members of the Palestinian diaspora who reside in various parts of the world, and wish to study at Birzeit University, with the opportunity to combine the study of Arabic language with social and political science courses about Palestine and the Arab World. 

Grant Mission:

To connect Palestinians who live in the diaspora with their cultural heritage by giving them the opportunity to learn spoken and written Arabic and to acquire relevant historical, political and social knowledge while experiencing life in Palestine.

Birzeit University’s grant to Palestinians in the diaspora reflects our vision that in our hearts we, the Palestinians in Palestine, are forever connected with our brothers and sisters who have been uprooted over time. Our Palestinian culture unifies us, and it will thrive even though we are geographically dispersed, scattered between our homeland and the diaspora. We shall cherish and celebrate this culture until our Right of Return is realized − and beyond.

Tina Rafidi Jaber, Former Director − PAS