Services of TLC

TLC is a leading Center in the areas of food and environment with more than 35 years of experience.

TLC consists of several units, developed based on the needs of the Palestinian community, and offer a number of unique services on the national level. TLC works in three main areas:

This unit covers almost all products, consumables and commodities available in the Palestinian market to protect consumer health. Moreover, supporting the Palestinian national economy through contribution in the development of the industrial and agricultural sectors. TLC also support the conservation of the environment and natural resources.

TLC perform and/or participate in implementing various development and community outreach projects aiming to promote sustainable development. Moreover, it offers the local community a wide range of theoretical and practical training for farmers, lab technicians, people working in the field of environment and health.

TLC support students and researcher in conducting scientific research through undertaking the lab analysis and the practical training on the analytical equipment available at the center.