TLC is one of the pioneer community development institutions in Palestine with roots in most rural and urban communities Since it was established, it has been involved in offering advances analytical and training services and performing research and field demonstrations within its specialty.

TLC offers assorted analytical services for wide sectors of the society to protect consumers, support the economic activities of the community, and improve the competitive edge of the Palestinian industry.

In 1998, TLC was the first to obtain PS/ISO Guide 25 related to PS/ISO 9002, which later was developed into ISO/IEC 17025. This accreditation has been maintained since then.

To serve and protect the Palestinian community by conducting scientific researches and perform quality control services to improve the quality of live, protect the Palestinian consumers, enhance development and deliver BZU values to the community

To become a center of excellence maintaining the leading edge in research and quality control analysis. TLC is looking to become a regional laboratory serving not only the local community but also nearby countries leading the way to healthier societies under the slogan

science in the service of community