This 32-hours internship will be an interactive type of training with a mix of theory and practical hands-on sessions. Participants will learn about current regulatory validation guidelines and method development techniques for HPLC work in pharmaceutical analysis. There will be hands-on sessions on a few areas of method development e.g. sample preparation, column and mobile phase selection.

Pharmaceutical Analysis determines the quality of drug products via analytical chemistry.  This internship will introduce the participants to areas such as analysis of raw materials and finished products; documentation; and the inspections that impact the development of pharmaceutical products.

Throughout this internship, critical CGMPs regulations, FDA guidance and ICH Quality guidelines will be discussed specifically emphasizing procedures to help individuals maintain a high level of compliance that rounds the laboratory environment.  It also reviews several quality systems that support the Pharmaceutical Analysis.

This 32-hours internship is an interactive training with a mix of theory and practical hands-on sessions.

The training will include discussions and presentations on:

  • the principles on designing solid dosage forms and their effect on drug absorption;
  • the merge of  the scientific and technological aspects of solid dosage forms design which includes properties of solid dosage forms;
  • the excipients used in these preparations and the physicochemical principles involved in formulating stable solid dosage forms guarantee high quality products in pharmaceutical industry;
  • conventional and specific techniques and machines of industrial pharmacy, including direct compression, wet and dry granulation, microencapsulation, fluid bed and coating operations, tableting machine, compaction machine, capsules filing machines and techniques for evaluating solid dosage forms.

This internship is designed to train the participants in the preparation of liquid and semi solid dosage forms such as mixtures, suspensions, emulsion, syrups, creams and other simple preparations in a pharmacy or hospital pharmacy set up.

This training will guide you through various aspects of CTD & eCTD giving you complete understanding of what is CTD & eCTD as software, work process and how companies can move from paper based submission to eCTD submission. The training is designed for those in Pharma business who need knowledge in eCTD science and its submission process.