Meet Birzeit University’s Dream Team

We are Duha Abdallah, Hadeel Salameh, Habsa Awawdeh, Samera albalawi, and Daived Habash, the Dream Team. We are a group of marketing students whose dreams went beyond the requirements of the Public Relations course that banded us together. 

The Public Relations course, MKET231, requires a group of five students to present an Important Final Project, so we decided to improve society in a way that cannot be forgotten. We came up with a remarkable idea to help students at Birzeit University make a name for themselves.

Dream team to the left, and their instructor Mrs. Suzan Shkukani to the right.

The idea, named BZU’s Got Talent, will create massive buzz once it reaches its peak because of its ability to unite students, friends, and colleagues, and potentially give everyone an opportunity that can’t be replaced. It’s essentially a once-in-a-lifetime deal.

The talent we have at Birzeit University is unmatched, and we’re presenting a space to showcase our fellow students’ flair.

Our team believes that “great things are accomplished by talented people who believe they will accomplish them.”

We filmed this small video to let people be aware of their talent and to encourage them to grow themselves even more.

Finally, we would like to thank Mrs. Suzan Shkukani for her mentorship. We wouldn’t have done it without her help.