Green Competition 2018

B-Hub at Birzeit University is launching a green competition

CLICK HERE TO KNOW more about The Most Critical Local Environmental Problems we encourage you to solve!!!
An opportunity for students and fresh graduates to contribute to making our environment cleaner and win a fully covered trip to an EU country!
Also, any private company willing to adjust their operations so that to decrease the damage to environment are invited to submit their case to the B-Hub. The case will be offered to students and experts who will develop the solutions based on the best international experience and help the companies in adopting the solutions.

Who can participate BZU students, graduates, teams of BZU students and students/graduates from other universities, teams of BZU students/graduates and faculty members
Which ideas can participate Ideas aimed at solving real environmental problems facing real local communities (i.e., burning e-waste in Idna) or environmental problems caused by real local companies (i.e., burning paper waste by a carton company or throwing garbage by supermarkets)
Main product expected from the team A real local company or community adopted or started to adopt your green solution
Pitching date and selection of a winning team May 2018
Number of teams to be selected for the competition 30 teams
Number of teams to be selected as a winner

3 Winners

First Prize: 1 team of up to 4 members plus supervisor

2nd and 3rd cash prizes 

How to  apply

Click Here to apply


    How it works?

    Each year, the B-Hub will announce a green research competition

    Each year, 30 student teams will be selected to participate in the competition

    Within the competition, student teams with supervision from faculty members will:

    • Identify environmental issues caused by operations of particular businesses (e.g., waste from supermarkets, stone quarrying, chemical manufacturer, farmer, etc.),
    • Research international best practices in solving similar environmental issues
    • Adapt the international practices to the local context – or develop an innovative solution
    • Select local companies willing to adopt the environmental solutions, and
    • Assist these companies in adopting your environmental solution (with support from our team of technical and business mentors)

    The results will be presented to a jury who will select the best team based on clear selection criteria

    The winning team will be awarded a study visit to an EU country of their choice.

    Environmental significance and seriousness of the problem (population affected by the problem)

    1. SMARTness of the solution:
    • Solution is well-defined and measurable, with specific results expected (e.g., modification of the production process through calibrating the cutting machine that will lead to decrease in the paper waste by 50%)
    • Solution is accepted by the beneficiary (private company or community).
    • Solution is achievable and feasible (e.g., it will not be burden to the community or will not require significant financial investments from the private company)
    • Solution is realistic (i.e., all elements are within the beneficiary’s control)
    • Solution can be implemented within a short period of time not exceeding 6 months

    You will be given priority in the selection, even if you don’t have a team

    • Students studying engineering, health and environmental studies, business, economics, ICT, sciences, or anyone interested in environmental issues – at undergraduate and graduate levels
    • Students can apply as individuals or as a team.  We encourage multi-disciplinary teams to work together
    • We particularly encourage students willing to introduce green practices or products into their family businesses

    Yes, if you (i) find local companies willing to adopt your solution and (ii) help these companies in adopting your solution

    At least one

    An expert with the expertise relevant to the environmental issue you have selected

    Yes; we will provide you with an official letter and this will be count towards your volunteer hours – provided that you have completed the assignment satisfactorily with at least one company.

    The B-Hub will cover the transportation expenses for visits to the companies’ business sites