The Central Tenders Committee specializes in tendering and buying supplies, services and information sources that do not exceed the price of JD 3,000. Its decisions are subject to ratification by the president of the university. When the purchased item price ranges between JD 10,000 dinars and JD 50,000 dinars, the approval of the president is required. The University Council must approve expenditures that exceed JD 50,000.

The Procurement Subcommittee is appointed annually by the president, upon the recommendation of the vice president, and specializes in inviting offers for supplies within a price range of JD 1,000 and JD 3,000. The tender should be presented in sealed envelopes, and decisions are subject to ratification by the vice president.

The General Discipline Committee is appointed annually by the president. Its members are seven academic staff members and one student who is member of the Student Council. The committee seeks to maintain the general order and establish appropriate behavior among students. It views the punishments it lays out as simultaneously a vehicle for reform and a deterrent.

The Grants and Financial Committee is appointed by the university president to study grant applications and determine the distribution of donations and grants as financial aid to students. The committee’s role is restricted to the management and distribution of grants and aid in all its forms and any other assistance approved by committee.  

The Research Ethics Committee is appointed by the university president and is empowered to propose guidelines that ensure adherence to ethical research principles, to review research in terms of its commitment to these principles, and to oversee the audit procedures of other committees.

The Institutes’ Committees regulate affairs that are related to teaching, scientific research, and consulting similar to the work of the Academic Departments’ Council. The dean of the Graduate Studies Faculty and the assistant vice president for academic affairs shall supervise these committees.

The Centers’ Committees organize each center’s affairs within their jurisdiction and develop their work, as well as develop the center’s proposals and plans, in addition to preparing plans, annual budget, and revise the center’s annual report, which is prepared by the center’s  director to be submitted to the vice president for Community Affairs.

Graduate Programs Committees are appointed by the president or vice president for academic affairs, and its members are full-time members of the academic body with the relevant terms of reference. These committees bear the same responsibilities and powers set forth by the academic department’s council.

The Giving Fund Committee administers grants for students approved by the Grants and Financial Committee, in accordance with its standards

The Committee's Charge is to act in advisory capacity to the president in matters of promotion and tenure for members of the faculty and staff, in accordance with its standards.