About External Academic Relations office

The External Academic Relations Office (EAR) of Birzeit University manages the growing links of the University with the external academic world and its increasingly influential participation in local, regional and international fora. The office seeks to work with Birzeit University’s different faculties, departments and centers in order to strengthen the university's position locally, regionally and internationally by contributing to the development of academic partnerships with regional and global university programs, creating jobs, supporting exchange programs, and by participating in international academic activities and conferences.

The mission of the External Academic Relations Office is to create supportive academic relationships between Birzeit University and key external constituencies, in support of the mission and vision of the University, helping forge productive long-term partnerships that enhance the global presence, relevance and prominence of the University.

Birzeit University has established joint academic relations with regional and international institutions of higher education to stimulate joint scientific research and promote academic and student exchange, while encouraging the participation of faculty members in curricula development, academic programs and projects. The university has established academic relations with a number of European and international universities through cooperation agreements, memoranda of understanding, and membership in different programs, such as the Palestinian-European Academic Cooperation in Education (PEACE) Programme. It is also involved in a number of programs that are sponsored by the European Union (such as, Erasmus +), where it competes with grants for scientific research and academic development.

  • To develop strategic external academic relations and create an implementation plan.
  • To contribute to the empowerment of academic relations between the different units of the university and the local, regional and international academic institutions.
  • Bolster the efforts of BZU in identifying, establishing and maintaining collaborative relationships that enhance academic cooperation with institutions worldwide.
  • Solicit and manage international linkages for faculty and student exchanges, grants and fellowships.
  • To contribute to the creation of opportunities and support members of the academic staff and students in the field of exchange, academic development, student grants and fellowships.
  • To contribute to engagement in cooperation agreements or memoranda of understanding between the university and their counterparts at the local, regional and global levels.
  • To contribute to the representation of the university in external academic activities, aiming to strengthen its position.
  • Support and advance extensive student mobility initiatives and exchange programs with partner academic institutions.
  • Identify external events, activities and conferences beneficial to faculty and students, while encouraging them to take part and serve as BZU ambassadors.
  • Implement an action plan for increasing awareness of the role of the External Academic Relations Office throughout the University.

Memoranda of Understanding and Academic Agreements

Exchange and mobility [like Erasmus +]

Scholarships programs and Faculty development

Academic delegations and visits

Representation of BZU at organized academic events