Curriculum Vitae


Lubna Abdul Hadi, C/O Public Relations Office, Birzeit University, P.O. Box 14, West Bank.

Home tel: +972 2- 295-4150  Work tel: +972 2- 298-2059  Fax: +972 2-2982059


Personal Details:


Date of Birth:     12 January 1955

Nationality:          Palestinian

Citizenship:         Palestinian


Specializations & skills:

Public Relations skills, Editor, Communication skills,Member at many centers and Forums for Human rights.”& Public Relations Organisations.

“Researcher in different fields of social sciences, Human rights & democracy& Women Rights, Palestinian rights, .”.


Work Experience:


2012-2017 until now: Director of Public relations office


2009-2012: Deputy Director of Public relations Office & Head of Information Unit- Public Relations Office


2006- 2009: Head of Information Unit- Public Relations Office & editor of Arabic Newsletter at PR office


2004 –2015:     teacher, ( Part Time), Democracy and HumanRights,

Department of Philosophy & Cultural Studies, Birzeit University


2003 –2006:     Head of Information & Internal Relations Unit, Public Relations Office, Birzeit University


1999-2003:       Editor, Arabic Newsletter, Public Relation Office, Birzeit University.


1997-1999 :       Coordinator- Lectures Program, Birzeit University & Editor, Arabic

                         Newsletter, Public Relation Office, Birzeit University.


1993- 2003      Editor, Arabic Newsletter, Public Relation Office, Birzeit University.


1991-1993         Head, Documentation Unit, Center for

                           Documentation and Research, Birzeit    

                        University., Research Assistant,Palestinian Memories Project


1990-1991           Deputy Director, Research Center, Birzeit        


1985-1990           Research Assistant, The Destroyed villages -oral                

                             History Project, Research Center, Birzeit


1977-1985          Head, Archives Unit, Research Center, Birzeit University.




2001-2003              M.A in Democracy & Human Rights

                         Birzeit University

1996               Diploma- Print Journalism (9 month – 180 hours)

                       Media Center , Birzeit University


1989                                      Computer Skills, including DOS, Windows,


Birzeit University, 4 week intensive course.

1981                 Indexing and Documentation

                         Leeds University (England), 3 months training attachment  


1972-1976         Batchelor of Arts in Economic and Political        Science.

Jordanian University (Amman, Jordan), four year course



1997                Designing for the WEB (24) hours - training course

                      Birzeit University, Continuing Education Department



1995             Basic Radio Skills in Analog and Digital Systema ,  

                     (90) contact hours ,included: Transmissin, Field  

                     work,Recording and Documentary Editing. Conducted  

                     with Finnish Broadcasdting company.


                       Birzeit University, Continuing Education Department, Radio Studio

1994             Tamer Institute (Ramallah) , 35 hours /Workshop in  

                     “Palestinian Oral History”.





عبد الهادي ، لبنى، انتهاك أمن الإنسان في فلسطين، تقرير التنمية الإنسانية العربي ، بيروت .30 تشرين الثاني 2007

Abdul Hadi, Lubna, Violation against Human security in Palestine, Arab Human Development Report, 30/November, 2007, LEBANON


Abdul Hadi, Lubna, ,Palestinian Identity and Civic ParticipationAl-Siyassa Al-Dawliya, International Political Journal, Issue No 159 January 2005.


Abdul Hadi, Lubna, Human Rights Education in Palestinian Universities, research Paper presented at Human Rights Education in Arab Word Confrence,( Cairo- September 17-18/ 2006).


2005-until now: Birzeit University Annual Report


2000-2003       Birzeit University Alumni Newsletter, Nos, 1&2&3

2000-2003       Birzeit University Newsletter (Arabic) Nos, 41-47

                       Editor: Abdul Hadi


1997-2000       Birzeit University Newsletter (Arabic) Nos, 38-40 Editor:


1993-1997        Birzeit University Newsletter (Arabic) Nos.24-37

                         Editor Abdul Hadi,(Birzeit)


1985-1993        The Destroyed Villages Oral History Project

Center for Research and Documentation , Birzeit University.

Salameh Village, Kana`neh & Abdul Hadi, 84 Pages (Birzeit Press, 1985).

Abu Jishek Village, Kana`neh & Abdul Hadi, 61 pages (Birzeit Press, 1987).

Lifttha Village, Kana`neh & Abdul Hadi, 52 pages (Birzeit Press,1990)

Zar`een Village, Abdul Hadi, 80 pages (unpublished)

Alhadeetheh Village, Abdul Hadi 50 pages(unpublished).



1991-1993                 Palstinian Memories Project

Center for Research and Documentation, Birzeit University.

Ibraheem  Snouber Memories, Jarbawi & Abdul Hadi, 65 pages,( Birzeit Press, 1992).

Usra Salah Memories, Jarbawi & Abdul Hadi, 73 pages (Birzeit Press,1993)

Rasheed Aranki Memories, Jarbawi & Abdul Hadi,80 pages (Birzeit Press,1994)

Talaat Harb Mempries, Jarbawi & Abdul Hadi 90 pages 1993 (unpublished)



(December)1993         Prepare & document &Editing Confrence proceedings of (Palestinian –

                                     Israeli Declaration of Principles 178 pages (Birzeit Press)      

1979– 1985                 Different Israeli Measures against Palestinian Refugees in the

                                     Occupied Territories, Abdul Hadi (unpublished).


1977- 79                         Prepare: Gernalistic Birzeit Index (numbers Issues from 1 –    

                                     10) puplished .


1976                                                            Socioeconomic Conditions of the Beduins        

1977                                                            in the North of Jordan, Abdul Hadi    





28 august – 1september: Participate at CASE Conference ( Council for Advancement and Support of Education) , CASE Europe Annual Conference 2016, Brussels

18-19 May 2015: Organize & Participate AIWF Conference, Birzeit University


19 – 20 /12/ 2016: المشاركة في المؤتمر الدولي الثالث للعلاقات العامة " آفاق جديدة للتواصل في عالم عربي متغير – المدخل الفعال لإدارة التواصل"، المنظمة لعربية للتنمية الإدارية، القاهرة

19-20/12/2016: Participate the third International conference for Public Relations


21/12/2016: المشاركة في ورشة عمل حول وسال التواصل : المدخل اسحري لتغيير السلوكيات: الدور الإيجابي للإعلام في تغيير المجتمع، المنظمة العربية للتنمية الإدارية، القاهرة


Participation at AIWF Conference, Sharjah 15-17 May 2012

major two-day conference entitled Emerging Economies, Emerging Leaderships: Arab Women and Youth as Drivers of Change from 15 to 17 May 2012 at the American University of Sharjah


-Human Rights Education in Arab Word Conference,( Cairo- September 17-18/ 2006).

- Human Rights Education and Political Reform in Arab Countries from the 4th-7th of May 2007,



-          Member of Arab International Women's Forum/ London

-          Member of “CASE” Organization - London

-          Member of Arab Orphan Committee- Jerusalem

-          Member of MUSAWA Center for Justice & Low

-          Member for ERADA: الإئتلاف النسوي للعدالة والمساواة


Participate in Local Conferences

February2005   Participate as a lecturer in "Citizenship subject", for Teachers    

                         Teacher Creativity Center, Ramallah


1996-2005          , Ibrahim Abu Lughod  Institute,

                           Participate & Coordinate conferences:

                           BirzeitUniversity-public Relations office