The Bachelor in Media responses to the belief of Birzeit University in the necessity of establishing the enlightenment thought through the promotion of democratic principles, including those related to right of freedom expression that respects the privacy of individuals, laws, and international human rights conventions.

The program also comes in line with the social responsibility adopted by the Birzeit University to achieve sustainable development for future generations.

The Bachelor in Media aims at keeping up with scientific and technical development in the field of media, especially in what has become known as "Multimedia" or "New Media".

 This program seeks to meet the Palestinian, Arab, and international needs to various types of media, including digital media, techniques developed in the field of mobile phone journalism, and the use of electronic applications, editing and graphics in the production of materials in traditional and digital formats.

  • Prepare journalists equipped with the needed skills to keep up with the changes and developments in media and techniques to meet the needs of the labor market, and raise the level of their abilities to compete locally and regionally.
  • Provide Palestinian media outlets with different journalists who are competent to make a difference in the content of what is offered to the public.
  • Deepen the culture of freedom of expression in Palestinian society through independent and responsible free media.
  • Changing the Palestinian media scene to be able to practice the role of ''Fourth Authority'' through professional journalists.
  • Deep research on different topics
  • Understanding the meanings of the media, political and social concepts
  • Logical concluding.
  • Scientific analysis of societal phenomena
  • Critical Thinking
  • Conclusion based on scientific grounds
  • Integrated research
  • Objectivity
  • Perfect writing for media
  • dialogue
  • Creative Education
  • communication
  • Audacity
  • Responsibility

The Bachelor in Media graduates will be able to work in the following  sectors of media production:

  • Reports and stories produced for radio, television, newspapers, and electronic media about political, economic, and cultural and sports issues.
  • Radio and television talk shows, including conducting and producing interviews.
  • Documentaries.
  • Editing in its various arts.
  • Filming, recording and editing.
  • Media Research.