Services & Facilities

General Student Services

The Birzeit University Computer Center uses state-of-the-art equipment to serve staff and students, providing software on personal computers using local and external networks for various administrative and training purposes. The center offers the following services:

  • Personal accounts
  • E-mails
  • Wireless network
  • Ritaj (Academic and Administrative Portal)
  • Maintenance and technical support services
  • Private virtual network
  • Software development
  • Sound and video services
  • E-learning tools

(All of the above information can be found in more detail on this website.)

Information about student cafeterias, the prices of food and services, and the names of providers via the following two links:

The university offers the following general services:

  • Accident insurance for students
  • Food coupons for needy students
  • A “Lost and Found” service
  • Identity cards issued to university employees and students

To educate and guide university students regarding public safety, the university holds specialized working sessions, and issues safety instructions on a regular basis.

Contact Details:

Nabeel Mazbar, Head of the Public Safety Office
Mobile: 00970 599209967
Phone: 00970-22982064
Ext: 2355
Fax: 00970-2982924

  • Provision of primary health care (educational, preventive, diagnostic, treatment and follow-up) for students and staff
  • Provision of certain free medications to students only
  • Transfer of patients that require special follow-up by specialists or doctors in hospitals
  • Provision of dental care
  • Management of student health insurance

Contact Details:

Maheed Za’atary, Head of the Health Services Office
Mobile: 00970 599659720
Phone: 00970-22982064
Fax: 00970-2982924

Follow-up on students’ needs for boarding (26 apartments benefiting 109 students).

Contact Details:

Rula Sha’ar, Head of the Boarding Section
Mobile: 00970 599658576
Phone: 00970-22982064
Ext: 5589
Fax: 00970-2982924

  • Internet service

The library offers wireless internet access in all library halls.

  • Lending tablets

The library provides quality lending tablets for interested students.

  • Lending textbooks

The library provides a set of course textbooks taught at the university for needy students for one semester.

  • Services for those with special needs

The library provides a set of hardware, in addition to Brill books for one semester.

The university is keen to pay attention to students with special needs. So, an office has been set up for this purpose to assist students with visual, hearing and motor disabilities, by providing support and satisfying their academic, social and psychological needs.

The office provides the following services:

  1. Audio scanning for all the curricula to be converted into Braille
  2. Printing books after enlarging the text for the visually impaired students
  3. To provide students with the tools to facilitate the educational process as a device for recording classroom observations in voice and text
  4. To facilitate the access to wheelchairs for students with motor disabilities, and conduct hearing tests at the speech and hearing clinic in the university
  5. To facilitate the registration and admission process, and follow their own affairs until graduation
  6. To accommodate the university buildings and classrooms, especially for students with motor disabilities
  7. To offer any service that facilitates and supports the learning process for them
  8. "Friends of the Disabled," is one of the sources that provide support for the students during the university life, such as assistance in the writing of their exams and homework

For further inquiries:

  • Dr. Azem Assaf, head of the English Language Department, Chairman of the Committee, ext.: 2538
  • Suhair Al-Najjar, Administrative Assistant of the Committee, ext.: 5098, mobile (059-5703011)

"My advice to other disabled people would be, concentrate on things your disability doesn't prevent you doing well, and don't regret the things it interferes with. Don't be disabled in spirit as well as physically."

Stephen Hawking

Rendered services to people with special needs

The university pays much attention with interest and appreciation to people with special needs in terms of offering physical, educational, psychological and financial aid. The university also provides them with supplies that facilitate their participation and make them feel that they are still able to build and give, like others.

Birzeit University is committed to providing educational opportunities for students with special needs, like other students. It uses the term special needs to describe individuals who need help because they suffer from these individual needs, which include lack of vision, lack of speech, language problems, physical problems, mental problems, hearing problems, learning problems, poor concentration and health problems.

These facilities include the use of supporting technologies, such as providing special toilets and corridors, as well as ramps, private parking and elevators inside the buildings, in addition to the counseling office that renders advisory services for them.

A waiting lounge has been created to facilitate service delivery to those who need it. Applications for the Master’s programs have been automated in a way that admission committee members can retrieve, study and write their own recommendations, in addition to automating students’ graduation certificates, as well as computerizing the recording process of MA theses. All these processes will reduce paperwork and are facilitated through the library’s services.