Birzeit University (BZU) is located nearby (10-15 minutes) from Birzeit, in which a number of small restaurants, stores, and other useful facilities are located. It is also where a number of BZU students reside.

Camp Location: 
The camp will be held in BZU Old Campus at Birzeit town.

Sleeping arrangements:
Participants will sleep in a building situated on the camp site and are provided with beds and covers, and it's optional for them to bring their own sleeping bags. Alternative sleeping arrangements in various cities may be scheduled according to the travelling time.

Three meals a day depending on the day’s schedule. When the camp participants are staying at the camp-site, food will be prepared jointly by the participants.

Participants are expected to assist with cleaning and maintaining the camp site. In addition, they are expected to respect the general rules of conduct set by BZU and within the various communities that will be visited.

During the daytime, the temperature may be very high. Nights- may be slightly cold.

Dress Code:
Summer clothes
Sweaters (if cold during the night)
Conservative clothing to comply with the rules of holy places, and rural society.