Career Services

The Alumni and Career Services Office at Birzeit University serves as a link between the university and society in an effort to bridge the gap between academic study and its practical application in a professional arena. To this end, the office works with its students and alumni in parallel by providing support to establish and maintain a strong relationship with them in order to enrich their contribution to society and their commitment to the university during their years of study as well as post-graduation.

At Your Service

Career Counseling

  • Professional Portfolio Assistance via one-on-one and group sessions to help students and alumni edit their resumes (CVs), cover letters, and other job search-related documents
  • Career Assessment Tools to help students choose the right major and career path
  • Scholarship Application Guidance for insight on the process and related application materials

Alumni Relations

Latest news and information about your university and its alumni.

Training and Workshops

  • Professional Development Sessions to help students and alumni distinguish themselves from thousands of other graduates through technical/ and or soft skills training
  • Job Search Skills Workshops via mock interview and resume (CV) building sessions

Internship Facilitation

Opportunities allowing students to see what a job is like first-hand before being officially hired.

Job Placement Assistance

Careers start here, as we actively seek and announce positions suitable for our students and alumni on a consistent basis.

Alumni and career events and activities

Network Building by attending conferences, workshops and other gatherings held on and off-campus by Birzeit University, alumni and its affiliates.


Stop by our office for career advice, alumni concerns, as well as information on career development and job placement opportunities. Our team is glad to meet with you. We can also be reached through email or social media platforms.