Career Support

Birzeit University serves as a link between the students/graduates and the community in order to bridge the gap between academic study and its practical application through the career services provided by Innovation & Entrepreneurship Unit (IEU).

Various Services offered by IEU:

  • Professional Portfolio Assistance via one-on-one and group sessions to help students and alumni build their e Portfolios on Masari Portal.
  • Career Assessment Tools to help students explore the career path options.
  • Scholarship Application Guidance for insight on the application process and related application materials.
  • Professional Development to help students and alumni distinguish themselves from thousands of other graduates through technical/ and or soft skills capacity building.
  • Job Search Skills Workshops and mock interview and resume (CV) building sessions.
  • Opportunities allowing students to explore what a job is like first-hand before being officially hired
  • We actively seek and announce positions suitable for our students and alumni on a consistent basis
  • Network Building by attending conferences, workshops and other gatherings held on and off-campus by Birzeit University and labor market institutions
  • Management and development of Masari Portal a Career management system connecting BZU students, graduates & alumni with the labor market and a platform for firms/organizations to post training and work opportunities.