Workshop on “Palestinian women working in Israeli colonies: Motives, working conditions and alternatives”

The Institute of Women’s Studies- Birzeit University invites you to participate in a workshop about Palestinian women who work in the Israeli colonies. An exploratory research, conducted by the researcher Manar Younis, will be presented and discussed. The research tackles the reasons that drive women to work in the Israeli colonies especially in the Jordan Valley.  After Younis’s presentation, the researcher Iman Assaf will commentate on the study.

Manar Younis: attained her master’s degree in Planning and Political Development, and is currently working at the International Relations Department in the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO)

Eman Assaf: is currently preparing her master’s thesis in gender and development, where studies the impact of working in the agriculture sector on women who get irregular wages. Assaf also works at the Gender Unit in the Ministry of Labor.

22 Sep 2018
Birzeit University, Institute of Women's Studies Room 401
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