Gifts directed to provide scholarship opportunities for our students enable them to get maximum value out of their higher-education experience, allowing them to excel in their studies, enjoy the university experience without needing to exhaust themselves in working part-time, menial jobs with extremely low pay due to the economic hardships in Palestine to pay their way through university.

The more that exceptional students are attracted to Birzeit University; the better the potential for learning and research; the greater the success of our graduates and the greater the benefit to our community. Scholarships allow our students to receive an education that qualifies them for a professional career, helping them to fulfill themselves as individuals and assisting them in lifting their families and communities out of poverty. 

Birzeit University needs more support from our friends and supporters to fund scholarships and assist an ever-increasing number of students in need.

    Scholarships are provided to
    How to Give?
    • Sponsoring one student for a full degree-  in average of US $ 10, 000. 
    • Endowed scholarship in perpetuity totaling US $70,000
    • Donations of any size are accepted to support our scholarships program. 
    • To make a donation, please click here.