Faculty Development

Gifts that support our faculty enable us to provide them with fellowships to pursue their doctoral degrees overseas. Faculty development is crucial to allow Birzeit University maintain its excellence in teaching and learning, and to advance knowledge through research

Unfortunately, the Israeli occupation imposes direct threats to higher education in Palestine restricting the movement and mobility of persons, especially international faculty members. Most endeavors for development are constantly being obstructed and delayed, isolating Birzeit University and other Palestinian institutions of higher education from the global academic community, undermining our ability to exercise our right to freedom of education.

That is why, every gift aimed at faculty development — no matter how large or small — is important and has the power to help us face these hard challenges. Pursuing education by our faculty oversees is an  important strategy because that kind of connection is not only important for transferring knowledge, but also for exchanging values between cultures, and if internationalization is important for higher education, it is doubly important in the Palestinian context that is characterized by deep isolation, severely restricted mobility and border closures.  

Named Faculty Professorship

Professorships are awarded to recognize and reward superior achievement of faculty. Each named professor plays a critical role in attracting and retaining proven leaders who can maintain Birzeit's mission. Such professors are a coveted and widely- recognized honor to any higher-education institution.

To learn more about naming opportunities, please contact office of VP for Advancement.

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