“The Political Economy of Hegemony and Liberation in Palestine” conference


To Muwatin’s 27th Annual Conference

“The Political Economy of Hegemony and Liberation in Palestine”

The conference will be held both at Birzeit University and online

Muwatin’s 27th Annual conference will analysis of the various phenomena that constitute central elements of the Israeli colonialism, the Palestinian liberation struggle, and the overall factors that play a significant role in the conflict. The Conference aims to diagnose the situation based on a deeper analysis of the existing realities in order to come to a better understanding of the roles of its various elements and their current and potential impact, as well as defining and delineating the active forces that constitute the colonial condition and their interactions. With a focus on the political economy of the abovementioned forces and phenomena, the discussions at the conference shall tackle these issues on three different levels: the conflicts and coalitions of hegemonic forces; the conflicts and coalitions of emancipatory forces; and the antagonisms between the hegemonic and emancipatory forces, as well as the existence of colonial and neo-colonial proxies amidst the colonized, and the existence of emancipatory forces amidst the colonisers.  The conference rubrics shall attempt to cover the antagonisms, agonisms, interactions, and coalitions in their political, economic, legal, and social manifestations.

A variety of international and local experts and academics from various backgrounds and regions, from a wide range of perspectives will participate in this conference to review the nature of the battle between the Palestinian emancipatory forces and their allies on the one hand, and the colonial powers and their allies on the other. The nature of the “battlefields”/“frontlines”, their tools, and strategies.

The conference will be Held on Friday - Sunday, 1-2 October 2021, in a hybrid setting at Birzeit University and online at the same time.

Due to the safety procedures established at the university, a limited number of people will be able to participate in the conference in the Birzeit University campus in Hall 234 in the annex building of the Institute of Law, knowing that the conference will be broadcast live on the Muwatin Institute channel on YouTube and through the Institute’s Facebook page, as well as the possibility of participation via Zoom, which requires registration previously by clicking here.

Due to the pandemic conditions, and in order to preserve public health and safety, Birzeit University has set procedures for visitors to enter the campus, including presenting a vaccination certificate of receiving the Covid-19 vaccine or presenting a negative PCR test result that was conducted within a period not exceeding 72 hours before the date of the visit. All those on the university campus must adhere to the use of a mask, and all protocols for preventive measures.

Accordingly, attendance at the conference will be limited to a specific number of attendees on campus. Therefore, if you wish to attend in person, please confirm the protocols for entering the campus and register by clicking here.

You can access the conference documents including the concept note, the participants, the programme, and the abstracts through our website (http://muwatin.birzeit.edu/en/conventions), or through Birzeit University website (birzeit.edu/en/events), or through our Facebook page (Facebook.com/muwatininstitute1).

The platforms through which the conference can be accessed in the virtual space are:

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/MuwatinInstituteBirzeitUniversity (We recommend subscribing to the channel to receive reminders of the conference and any other updates.)

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MuwatinInstitute1

Zoom: https://birzeit-edu.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_ds3A7VfvSF2VSd6x7NM6QA

Note: Simultaneous translation will be provided

1 Oct 20212 Oct 2021
Hall 234 in the annex building of the Institute of Law and online
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