“Economic Sciences and Colonialism in Palestine”


The Center for Development Studies cordially invites you to attend the forth lecture entitled:

“Economic Sciences and Colonialism in Palestine”

The forth lecture will host Dr. Taher Labadi, Researcher at the Institute for Research and Studies on the Arab and Muslim Worlds (IREMAM)-  Aix-en-Provence. France.

This will be on Tuesday, February 16, 2021, at 5:00 pm Palestine time, via Zoom.

The lecture is facilitated by : Dr. Samia Al-Botmeh, Dean - Faculty Of Business And Economics. Birzeit University .

Note: The lecture will be in Arabic

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This lecture aims to problematize the knowledge established on the economy in Palestine. In doing so, it discusses different paradigmatic approaches and reports on their treatment of the colonial reality. Among these approaches, dualism and economism are part of the same grammar - still dominant today - which reduces economic relations to the sole limits of the market and disregards the conflicts and powers that are established even in the economy. Other works undertaken by economists, historians, sociologists and anthropologists, offer alternative approaches and valuable material for thinking differently about economic activity in this field.

16 Feb 2021
via Zoom
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