"Multidisciplinary Optimization in Aircraft Design"

The Faculty of Engineering and Technology-Department of Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering

Cordially invites you to attend a lecture on Multidisciplinary Optimization in Aircraft Design

by  Dr. Ibrahim Murra


  • Preliminary & Detailed Stress Analysis
  • Metallic Wings (Bombardier DASH8 Wing, Fairchild Dornier Wing, Wing stiffening to accommodate winglet addition)
  • Composite Wings (Boeing 787 Wing, Boeing 767-300 ER Winglet).
  • Correlation Problems: GVT Correlation of Boeing MMA 737 (P-8A) & Boeing 777-200ER, Model Correlation of 787 Center section; EI/GJ  Wing, Fuselage, Vertical Tail, Winglet; Internal loads correlation (787 Fuselage Test Barrel), Other Correlation including Twist and Bending distribution of wing to satisfy winglet addition to 777-200ER (APB) and Stress Analysis (Repair case).
  • Flutter Optimization: Dash8 Horizontal Tail (Symmetric & Anti symmetric Conditions), and Preliminary investigation of adding winglet to 777-200ER (APB).
  • Engine Vibration (Strut sizing): Boeing Propulsion Group.
2 Oct 2018
Omar Aggad Engineering Building,Room 332       
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