The Seventh Palestinian Conference on Modern Trends in Mathematics and Physics

This is the seventh in a series of conferences held every two years since 2008. These conferences have succeeded in attracting faculty members, researchers and graduate students in Mathematics and Physics from all Palestinian universities, in addition to a distinguished group of international mathematicians and physicists, including scientists from the Palestinian diaspora.

The aim of this series is to report the latest developments in various fields of mathematics and physics by leading experts in these fields. In addition,  the conference would provide a forum  for Palestinian researchers to report on their latest research results and to form collaborations with their local and international peers. The conference series also aim to create academic, research and training opportunities to young Palestinian students and faculty  to advance their careers. This would include , but not limited to, offering opportunities for doctoral and postdoctoral fellowships, and experimental or computational research work using equipment that is not available locally. Finally, the conference is an opportunity to acquaint our international colleagues with the situation in Palestine under Israeli military occupation and with the obstacles facing Palestinian universities and Palestinian scientists and researchers because of this occupation.

The First Palestinian Conference on Modern Trends in Mathematics and Physics (PCMTMP I) was held at Birzeit University in 2008. It was organized by an initiative of the “UNESCO Chair in Mathematics and Theoretical Physics at Birzeit University” which was established in 2007. The Second Conference (PCMTMP II) was held at An-Najah National University in Nablus in 2010 while PCMTMP III took place at Palestine Polytechnic University in Hebron in 2012. These were followed by PCMTMP IV in 2014 at Al-Quds University in Abu-Dis, PCMTMP V in 2016 at the Arab American University in Jenin and PCMTMP VI in 2018 at Palestine Technical University-Kadoorie in Tulkarm. This series of conferences has now made a full circle and will be coming back to Birzeit University from July 30-August 1, 2022.

A distinguishing feature of this series of conferences is the widespread participation of all scientists and graduate students from all the Palestinian universities as well as the presence of a distinguished group of International scientists including Palestinian scientists in the diaspora. Our international colleagues as well as Palestinian expatriate scientists have always expressed solidarity with Palestinian scientists, researchers and students and have been instrumental in the launching of campaigns in support of Palestinian scientists jailed by the Israeli military occupation authorities or those who have been denied the freedom to travel.