This course explains the most important stages of the legal development of the local bodies under successive eras in Palestine since the days of the British Mandate, and the relationship of these bodies with the central authorities in the State through the review and analysis of the legal provisions governing such bodies, to determine the extent of the evolution of these bodies through that period. The emergence of the Palestinian Authority, the central authority, and the constitutional principles that govern the relationship with the local bodies in light of the adoption of decentralization and administrative system pursued by these principles with regard to various legislations applicable (local government or local administration). In addition to that, the course explains the differences between the two models considering comparative experience and the impact of both models on the nature of the relationship between local authorities and the central government on the one hand and on the extent of the involvement of local bodies in the administrative decision-making on the other. The course also deals with legislation and judicial decisions relevant to local bodies, elections for membership of their boards or those related to the way they work.