The Institute's Activities

The institute holds workshops and training sessions to develop a cadre of people interested in the topics of democratic governance, human rights protection and to train them in research and academic writing. 

Research at Muwatin involves theory, application and policy development, implemented under three research directions: theoretical and conceptual studies, applied research and policy studies, and theory and practice research.

The Muwatin library has around 10000 volumes and periodicals related to issues of democracy and human rights. Muwatin makes a great deal of material available on the institute's website including most of its publications (exceeding 160) that can be fully accessed. The resource laboratory is specifically designed for communal work in the form of a "lab" for democracy and human rights. 

The Muwatin Institute Library 

The Muwatin Library has more than 10,000 volumes and periodicals related to the issues of democracy and human rights.

The library is one of the components of the Information Centre, which includes the Website, Databases, the Resource Lab, and Audio-visual Materials.