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Support Gaza Initiative

to Enable University Students in Gaza to Continue Their Studies

We reach out to you today to support this initiative, to help us contribute to the return of academic life to universities in Gaza, and rebuild hope and the promise of a future for Palestinian students

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Palestinian higher education institutions, students, faculty and infrastructure in Gaza have been deliberately targeted by the Israeli occupation. To mitigate the tragic consequences of this genocidal assault and to begin the process of rectification, Birzeit University has launched the "Rebuilding Hope" initiative to enable students in the Gaza strip to continue their studies  remotely. The initiative is in coordination with Gaza’s higher education institutions and personnel, and aims to strengthen the resilience of all components of the higher education sector.


The initiative entails the following key interventions

Online distance learning in coordination with Gaza universities
in addition to supervising projects and dissertations, remote teaching will commence in May 2024. Birzeit University faculty will volunteer to teach and co-supervise graduation projects and graduate theses.
Infrastructure and institutional synergy
we aim to provide resources to upgrade the physical and digital infrastructure at Birzeit University and academic intuitions in the Gaza Strip, in addition to assisting researchers and students to access the knowledge necessary to complete their academic journey. Birzeit University staff will volunteer their time to provide relevant support for this intervention.
Transformative Research
to undertake research and studies on the impact of the assault on Gaza, through partnerships among researchers at universities in Gaza, Birzeit University and our global partners. The research will seek to rebuild Gaza structurally, socially, culturally, and environmentally, by appropriate and relevant means, consistent with indigenous resources and Palestinian identity and sovereignty.


Birzeit University has already invited interested university students from Gaza who wish to take part in this initiative to fill out the application form through this link. More than 8,500 students have already registered, and numbers are expected to grow significantly.

Our beloved students from Gaza please fill this Registration form 

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