Rita Giacaman

Rita Giacaman is a professor of public health at the Institute of Community and Public Health, Birzeit University. Founder of the Institute, Rita has chronicled the effects of Israeli military occupation on the life and health of Palestinians under occupation. Since 2000, she has been focusing on the impact of chronic war-like conditions and exposure to violence on the health and well-being of Palestinians, with an emphasis on psychosocial health and the development of measures to assess health and well-being in conditions of protracted political violence. She has published extensively locally and internationally. Rita was awarded an Honorary PhD from LSE in 2011 for having made an “outstanding contribution to the increased understanding or appreciation of ‘the causes of things’…” She was  also awarded an Honorary Doctor of Science degree (honoris causa) from King’s College London, for her work which ‘has set a standard for the provision of health care in war and post-war contexts in the Middle East and globally,’ October 16, 2019.