Apply to Join Our Team of Professional Mentors

Join B-Hub team of professional mentors: Business mentors, technical mentors, green mentors.

The application form is available at the bottom of this page; but we suggest carefully reading the page as it describes all working details on relations between mentors and B-Hub

BZU staff and external experts willing to work with the B-Hub as mentors and trainers should fill in the application form and submit to [email protected].

Any qualified professionals from BZU staff or outside the university can join the B-Hub team of mentors.

Candidates with required qualifications and experience will be invited to the interview; candidates successfully passed the interview will be invited to participate in a trial assignment as a member of the mentoring team. Candidates successfully passed the trial assignment will join the B-Hub team and will be selected for the mentoring assignments based on the demand for services. 

Trainers and mentors are engaged and contracted per assignment. The contracting procedures follow the same contracting procedures approved and employed by the BZU administration.

Each mentor and trainer is evaluated by the mentees/trainees according to the Satisfaction Questionnaire. If a mentor/trainer is not capable to produce expected results or does not meet the quality standards, he/she will be removed from the database of mentors & trainers.

Download the application form here.

Specialists in business – related disciplines capable to assist potential entrepreneurs to start their business and to assist a private company to maximize revenues and minimize operational expenses.

Main qualification requirements to the business mentors:

  • Education in the fields of business management, economics, finance, production; at least master degree in a relevant field
  • At least 3 years of experience of working with private companies on the management level in the fields of marketing, production, finance, logistics, HR, or general management.
  • Experience in business mentoring and consulting is an advantage
  • Strong analytical ability and communication skills

Specialists in any discipline capable to assist a startup or a company in developing production process as well as technical specifications of the product / service and producing a physical prototype.

Technical mentors include agro engineers, production engineers, specialists in chemistry, nutritionists, biologists, programmers, etc. Examples of the outputs of their service: a formula for a new detergent; assortment of crops to a farm; web application; technological process and formulas for cheese, etc.  

Specialists in business or engineering or technological disciplines capable to assist businesses to adopt environment – friendly practices (e.g., lightening the packaging materials to save papers and trees; minimizing the quantities of water for irrigation; energy-saving models of operating a retail shop; etc).

Main qualification requirements to the technical and green mentors:

  • At least bachelor degree in the relevant field (i.e., a specialization required for a specific business being mentored); master degree is an advantage
  • At least 5 years of experience of working in the required field
  • Experience in business mentoring and consulting is an advantage
  • Strong analytical ability and communication skills