Staff Teaching Mobility from Birzeit University to University of Siena (Italy)

In the Framework of the Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility project, coordinated by the University of Siena (Italy), Birzeit University offers teaching staff the opportunity to carry out a mobility exchange period at the University of Siena.

  • Type of mobility: Staff Teaching Mobility
  • Period of Mobility: 7 days (including 2 days of travel) on the second semester 2023/2024 (Spring 2024).
  • Field of mobility: Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences, Journalism and Information; Natural sciences, Mathematics and Statistics.
  • Minimum number of teaching hours: 8 hours
  • Deadline: 16 April 2024.


The amount of the scholarship provided as individual support is 160 €/day for 7 days (5 working days + 2 travel days) + travel grant.

In addition to individual support, the project covers travel expenses calculated on the basis of the distance between Palestine and Siena (Italy), in accordance with the distance calculator provided by the Erasmus+ program.

Teaching staff from BZU are invited to contact their peers in University of Siena to arrange a suitable time for the teaching staff visit. If you do not have any contacts, the External Academic Relations Office at BZU will help in finding the partner.

Applicants must complete a mobility agreement for teaching before the start of the mobility. The Mobility Agreement sets out the programme of teaching to be followed. It is approved by the staff member, Birzeit University and the University of Siena

The agreement defines the mutual responsibility for the quality of the mobility of both the sending and the receiving university.


The selection process will be fair and transparent and based on the principles of non-discrimination. The selection will respect the following criteria:

  • Knowledge of the English (or Italian) language (20 points).
  • Publications and any previous research/ teaching experiences abroad (30 points).
  • Proposed teaching program (20 points).
  • Invitation letter (15 points).
  • CV (15 points).

To apply kindly access Ritaj under the Academic Mobility