The International Conference on Archaeology and Tourism

International Conference on

Archaeology and Tourism in Palestine


13 to 15 March, 2017, Birzeit- Palestine

The international conference on Archaeology and Tourism will be held in cooperation between the Department of History and Archaeology at Birzeit University, the Palestinian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities and the Network for Experiential Tourism in Palestine (NEPTO).

Several conferences and workshops have been conducted during the past years discussing various tourism aspects and ways to develop them in Palestine. Most of these meetings proposed that tourism is one of the areas which requires continuous development through various private sector enterprises, research, and academic programs. In the same framework, there are several archaeological and cultural heritage projects which have had a valuable contribution to the economic development in Palestine. The overall objective of the conference is to identify the linkage between tourism, archaeology and cultural heritage through discussing and analyzing various projects conducted by local and international teams. This conference also aims at unifying the concepts used in tourism, exchanging knowledge and expertise among the practitioners and academics, and highlighting new emerging fields such as community and rural tourism.

Conference Themes:

I. Primary projects and research in Palestine:

-       Research projects in the archaeology of Palestine.

-       Tourism projects in the Palestinian context.

-       Cultural heritage projects.


II.  Theories and concepts in tourism:

-     Community-based tourism and rural tourism.

-     Academic Programs in archaeology and tourism.

- Any other current tourism and archaology issues

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